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starlight mints - buena vista

starlight mints - buena vista tabbed by mime čuvalo INTRO ---------0-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------3---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----3------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---2-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -0---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i criss-crossed the ocean i saw the atlantic MAIN RIFF (ends on high e -4- or -0-) -------0-2-4-2-0-------0-2-------0-2-4-2-0-------0-2-------------------------- -2-2-2-----------2-2-2-----2-2-2-----------0-0-0------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ slider - xxx666x to xxx18,18,18x back to 666 notes: 2nd string: -2-, 4th: -2-2- (chords you can play where ya like) buena vista have a nice flight buck your seat will pour you a drink buena vista buck your seat, scream with delight A B E E7 will the airplane go up in the sky F#m B E G A B tomorrow we'll fly buena vista sun key (?) is first how 'bout a drink no, i'm just fine buena vista (next time, meet yourself here next time ???)
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