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starlight mints - the bandit

starlight mints - the bandit tabbed by mime čuvalo MAIN RIFF INTRO MINI RIFF REST OF INTRO E A D A7 | E C# F#7 A7 | E A D A7 E -3-4-2-----4-2-2-3-0-7-|(3)-4-2-1-------3-2-|-4-2-----4-2-2-3-2---------------------- -------2-2-------------|----------2---2-----|-----2-2-------------------------------- -----------------------|------------3-------|---------------------------------------- -----------------------|--------------------|---------------------------------------- -----------------------|--------------------|---------------------------------------- -----------------------|--------------------|---------------------------------------- E: 022100 A: 002220 F#7:242322 A7: xx2223 D: x00232 C#: 446664 G#7:464544 B: 224442 A6: xx2222 Dsus2: xxx233 Asus: xxx230 E A F#7 A7 take a wish from the well (who who) E A D A7 E take a tip from the bandit (let the band play again) C# F#7 A7 MINI RIFF he'll take you back to your head (to your head) verse 2: E A D take a drink after all A7 E it's pure alcohol A F#7 A7 press the bird-y switch (cuckoo) E A F#7 B G#7 C# set the course for tokyo, oh, no B A7 A6 A A A6 A7 let your mind over (buh buh buh, buh buh buh) Dsus2 D Asus Dsus2 D Asus B let your eyes rover(?) (buh buh buh, buh buh buh) A A6 A7 when your skin quivers D B E when the sky shuts down RIFF: low E: 0-2-3-4 C# F#7 make a sea in the yard B E G# C# meet yourself in the jar F#7 take a smile from a ghost B let your mind back home MAIN RIFF
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