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beck - tropacalia

Bm7 G7 A#7 A7 D#m7 C#7 C#m7 B7 E---------------------------------- B--3--------------7----6---5-----4- G--2--4---7---6---6----4---4-----2- D-----3---6---5-------------------- A--2--------------6----4---4-----2- E-----3---6---5-------------------- Intro: Bm7 G7 Verse: Bm7 G7 Bm7 G7 Bm7 G7 A#7 A7 Chorus: D#m7 C#7 D#m7 C#7 C#m7 B7 Bm7 A#7 A7 Oh, when they beat upon a broken guitar And all the streets, they reek of tropical charms The embassies lie in hideous shards Where tourists snore and decay When they dance in a reptile blaze You wear a mask, an equatorial haze Into the past, a colonial maze Where there's no more confetti to throw You wouldn't know what to say to yourself Love is a poverty you couldn't sell Misery waits in vague hotels To be evicted You're out of luck, you're singing funeral songs To the studs, they're anabolic and bronze They seem to strut in their millennial fogs 'Til they fall down and deflate chorus Oh, and now, you've had your fun Under an air-conditioned sun It's burned into your eyes Leaves you plain and left behind I'll see them rise and fall Into the jaws of a pestilent love chorus
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