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white stripes - white moon

----------------------------------- | White Moon | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | Tab Definitions: | | E: 022100 | |Esus4: 022200 | | A: x02220 | | B: x2444x | | G: 320003 | | D: xx0232 | | F: 133211 | | Bb: x1333x | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This piano song does not transpose ideally to the guitar. In standard tuning, the guitar cannot accurately express the piano playing below the root note. The INTRO: E Esus4 E Esus4 /b E Esus4 E /b E Esu4 E e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-1---2---2---1---1---2----2---1----1-----2-----2-----1----1-----2---2---1-- D|-2---------------2------2----------2---2-----2-----2------2---2------------ A|-2---------------2---------------2-2--------------------2-2---------------- E|-0---------------0-----------------0----------------------0---------------- VERSE 1: E A White moon, white moon breaks open the tomb B E Esus4 E Of a deserted cartoon that I wrote /e /a E Esus4 E e|------- B|------- G|------- D|-2----- A|----0-- E|------- A Creature come, creature, creature, my own double feature B E Esus4 E As I'm warming the bleachers at home /d E Esus4 E e|---- B|---- G|---- D|-0-- A|---- E|---- E G D F Well, my nose keeps on bleeding 'cause it's Rita I'm needing Bb A B I better call aloud a meeting of the boys E Esus4 E Of the boys /b E e|-------------- B|-------------- G|---1--2--1---- D|---2-------2-- A|-2-2---------- E|---0---------- VERSE 2: My friends are all dying and death can't be lying It's the truth and it don't make a noise Oh Rita, oh Rita, if you lived in Mesita I would move you with the beat of a drum And this picture is proof that although you're aloof You had the shiniest tooth 'neath the Sun Easy come, easy go, be the star of the show I'm giving up all I know to get more To get more VERSE 3: Photograph the picture, young grunt pin-up scripture Footlocker-tagged memories of war A mirage, this garage, and the photo montage And the finger massage from the host E G D F Good lord, good lord, the one I adored Bb A B That I can't afford is a ghost E Is a ghost E G D F Proto-social's the word and the word is bird Bb A B That flew through the herd in the snow E In the snow VERSE 4: Lemonade me, then grade me, then deliver my baby And if my friends all persuade me I'll go Blink, blink at me Rita, don't you know I'm a bleeder And I promised I wouldn't leave her arms But she read me, then led me, and I ate what was fed me 'Til I purged every word in this song
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