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sleater-kinney - milkshake n' honey

sleater-kinney - milkshake n' honey tab 14 Rue de Savoy is where the flat was let We shacked up in Paris two days after we had met Eighteen bars of the sonata and you were mine This music gig doesn't pay that good but the fans are alright Darling come home I can't take the apartment alone You left your beret behind and your croissant is getting cold Visa, Mastercard, discovered that I was spent Took my heart, my best jeans, and left me with paying the rent A user, abuser, a loser but I didn't care I've always been a guy with a sweet tooth and that girl was just like a king-sized candy bar Pick up the phone Meet me at the Sorbonne Keep turning me on With those French words I can't pronounce Milkshake n' honey yeah Milkshake n' honey yeah Ma petite, comment sera?
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